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If you need assistance with furnishings and home accessorising, LeannMarieDesign can offer a range of services to help you with your project.

Our services include:

  • Curtain hemming and resizing
  • Bespoke made curtains
  • Bespoke made cushions
  • Home styling

Curtains and Cushions

Shop purchased ready-made curtains are a fairly inexpensive option for your windows. These are often lower in price than bespoke made curtains, but do have limited size options. LeannMarieDesign can offer a hemming service so that these can be altered to just the right length and width. This is also useful when moving home. If you have already invested in some good quality curtains, it is often possible to resize these to suit your new windows.

Alternatively, there are many reasons for choosing to have curtains bespoke-made:

Choice of fabric

  • Fabrics can be sourced from a number of specialist suppliers or high street stockists which really does increase your options when choosing a particular colour, pattern or weight.

Choice of headers

  • LeannMarieDesign can offer tape gathered, pencil pleated, pinch pleated and tab topped curtains. Different headers create different looks and can affect the fullness in a drop.

Choice of curtain options

  • Different curtains suit different rooms, Sheers offer privacy but still allow light into a room and may be suitable for street facing windows. Blackout curtains are best suited to bedrooms. LeanMarieDesign can offer sheers, unlined, lined and blackout curtains.

Window sizes

  • The bespoke process is especially useful if you have tall windows or want floor length drops, since ready-made curtains will offer limited length options. When choosing bespoke, there is no need to compromise.

No additional re-hemming

  • Sometimes ready-made curtains need shortening to accommodate a particular window. Since bespoke-made curtains are constructed to suit your exact requirements, there are no alteration fees later on.

Measuring and fitting service

  • Measuring and fitting is offered as standard. At your consultation, the varied options will be discussed with you and measurements will be taken in order to build your quote. On completion, your curtains will be delivered, hung and checked. With longer lengths or heavier curtains it is possible to hem them at a later stage, thus allowing them time to ‘drop’.

Co-ordinated cushions

  • Sofa cushions, scatter cushions, window seat cushions, floor cushions, beanbags and stool toppers can all be produced to co-ordinate, compliment or match with other elements of your room.


  • If you have a particular budget in mind, realistic suitable options can be picked out for you and mix and match pricing can help you reach a decision that suits both your requirement and your budget.

Did You Know?

Curtains function perfectly well without a lining and some, such as sheers, do not use a lining at all. However, when choosing curtains, it is important to consider the role of linings so that you can make the right choice for your room.

Linings are used to:

  • Add weight and fullness to lighter fabric drops
  • Protect your curtain fabric from dust, moisture or mildew occurring in the window recess
  • Protect your curtain fabric from the colour-fading effects of sunlight, especially important if you have a south facing window
  • Add insulation to a room, especially important if you have large or drafty windows
  • Reduce street noise
  • Block out unwanted light
  • Conceal raw edges and hems, thus giving a clean and professional finish when viewed from both outside and inside the window.

Home Styling Service

Whether you wish to inject personality onto a new build blank canvas, or simply want to freshen up a tired room in your much loved home, LeannMarieDesign can offer inspiration and practical services to help you achieve something special.

Services that we offer include:

  • Theme and/or period research and referencing
  • Colour palette development
  • Sourcing of fabrics
  • Sourcing of wall covering solutions
  • Sourcing of floor covering solutions
  • Sourcing of furnishing solutions
  • Dressing and accessorising
  • Spatial planning
  • Furniture upcycling

The Creative Package:

This package will provide you with a design scheme, so that you can move forward to order your materials, furnishings and arrange trade labour.

  • In the initial meeting, Leann will try to get to know you and your personality and will develop a project brief, client specification and styling budget with you.
  • After the initial meeting, you will receive three concept boards and will have the opportunity to choose which one you would like to follow through with. This is developmental and allows you to explore different design ideas and view some potential samples.
  • You will then be presented with a final design scheme which would include final sample choices (with purchase costs, specifications and supplier information), layout plans, and a design illustration.

Price £320 per room.

The Hands-On Package:

This package will give you everything that the Creative Package offers but additionally provides project management, helping you to co-ordinate timelines, deliveries and trade labour. Leann will remain involved at each stage of your room refurbishment, offering practical support where required and will dress and accessorise your finished space.

Prices from £580 per room depending on the needs of the project and time required.

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